Bella Peacock

Bella Peacock

Bella Peacock is an aspiring multimedia journalist living in Sydney. She recently returned to Australia after four years in Europe. Living and studying primarily in Berlin, Bella also spent six months interning in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bella recently launched her project Better Times, a platform for women's stories about empowering intimate experiences. Bella and her co-founder, Simon Hueksen, see the project as a response to, and complementary narrative for, the many stories that have recently been shared about experiences of coercion, assault, and rape in the context of #TimesUp and #MeToo. She hopes to continue to grow the project not only as a website but also as a physical community, hosting events and readings in Berlin and (soon) in Sydney.

Also a freelance writer, Bella's work has had her work published in Bust, Get Lost Magazine, Matador Network, Roads and Kingdoms, Overland Literary Journal, Future Perfect, FilmInk Magazine, Reportage Online, FU Review: Literary Journal, U:Mag, and more.

A brief bit of background: Bella moved to Berlin in 2014 to do an Masters in English Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. After copious amounts of reading, philosophising, and writing, she completed her master's thesis on sex-play politics. After finishing her studies, Bella did a stint in Sarajevo working in multimedia journalism at Radio Free Europe and testing the waters of peace-building at the NGO Post-Conflict Research Center. She then returned to Berlin and founded Better Times where she is currently Editor-in-Chief.

Before coming to Europe, Bella studied Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney. This multimedia background continues to spur Bella's interest not only in stories and ideas, but also in the different forms they take and how mediums effect expression. She has dabbled in film, animation, design, photography, and co-creating the travel zine, Overseas. Recently, Bella has been learning HTML and CSS and created this website from scratch.

If you want to commission a story or just fancy a chat, you can email Bella or follow her on twitter or instagram .